SciDev.Net Middle East and North Africa edition: story helps to halt works on Turkish dam which could affect Iraqis

Ilisu dam

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  • It prompted a positive response from the Turkish government

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The construction of a new dam in Turkey threatened to affect the lives of thousands of Iraqis when constructors started filling the dam earlier than expected. SciDev.Net ran a story about this which was viewed by more than 20 000 readers, helping to amplify the issue. Due to media attention Turkey postponed further works on the dam until June 2018. Officials informed SciDev.Net that strong media coverage, including that of SciDev.Net, played a key role in changing this situation. Iraqi Minister of Water confirmed in a Q&A to SciDev.Net that they were in negotiations with the Turkish side over how the impact of the dam on the Tigris River can be lessened.

See the story HERE.