Who we are


SciDev.Net involves a wide range of individuals working together towards common goals across the globe.

Our main office is based in the UK at CABI, but we have a worldwide network of registered users, advisors, consultants and freelance journalists, predominantly from developing countries, who drive our activities and vision.
SciDev.Net is owned by CABI, an intergovernmental organisation focussed on agriculture. In its 2017 report, it found that 44% of staff were female (44%, 2016), 38% of Executive Management Team (EMT) were female (29%, 2016), 36% of Senior Managers were female (34%, 2016). It also found that 82% of staff believed that CABI values diversity.

SciDev.Net staff gender split

CABI (SciDev.Net's parent organisation) has a series of policies and strategies which support diversity, non-discrimination, and equality. These include a Code of Business Conduct which commits the organisation “to diversity in a working environment where there is mutual trust and respect … (and) to recruit, employ and promote employees on the sole basis of their ability to fulfill the requirements of the job”. This is supported by a Workplace Gender Strategy “to ensure a workplace that is free from discrimination from gender bias”. Where appropriate and possible, CABI employs staff locally to support its regional presence and to ensure that activities are sensitive to local priorities and sensitivities. The CABI Project and Programme Gender Strategy provides practical guidance on how to include gender in CABI’s projects and programmes, from identifying gender roles to ensuring gender responsiveness of the work.

In total, 80% of SciDev.Net staff are recruited from the global south.
Among our contributors 49% are male and 51% are female.

Organisationally, we try to overcome norms, expectations and cultural attitudes that build structural barriers to the participation of women and gender in science and policy and have female regional coordinators for both the Global, MENA and LAC editions of SciDev.Net.

In terms of freelancers, the regional breakdown is below.
- SSAFR – 24 men, 6 women – 20 % female
- MENA – 21 men, 17 women – 45% female
- SSAE – 10 men, 8 women – 44% female
- AP – 13 men, 23 women – 64% female
- Global – 2 men, 5 women – 71 % female
- LAC – 9 men, 25 women – 73% female

UK staff
Caroline (Carol) McNamara, chief commercial officer, c.mcnamara@cabi.org
As part of the Executive Management team of CABI, Carol is responsible for overseeing the running of the whole of SciDev.Net. since it became part of CABI in April 2017. Carol has over 25 years’ experience working in scientific, technical and medical (STM) publishing and International Development. Carol has also held a number of Non-Executive Board positions and is the current Vice Chair for the Royal College of Nursing Information (RCNi).
Ben Deighton, managing editor, ben.deighton@scidev.net
Ben is responsible for overseeing SciDev.Net content, ensuring our editorial independence and the quality of our articles and multimedia products. Ben joined us in July 2017 after four years as editor of Horizon magazine. Ben has worked as a journalist since 2001 and was previously a reporter for the Reuters news agency in London and Brussels. He has a degree in French and a postgraduate diploma in journalism.
Paul Dawson, head of finance and operations operations@scidev.net
Paul is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations at SciDev.Net including overseeing the organisation’s finances, HR, IT systems, legal affairs and providing governance support to the board of trustees. Paul joined us in October 2011 following six years working in the charitable sector. Paul has held senior management and board level positions in a number of charitable organisations. Paul’s earlier career he worked in materials research and development for the aerospace industry.
Charles Wendo, training coordinator charles.wendo@scidev.net
Charles is responsible for SciDev.Net's training projects. He is a science journalist, a veterinarian, and a media trainer, and has over 16 years’ experience in journalism. He worked with the New Vision newspaper in Uganda as a science writer, science editor, Saturday Vision editor and Sunday Vision editor. He also worked with the Infectious Diseases Institute of Makerere University in Uganda as a communications specialist for two years. Charles holds a master’s degree in journalism and communication, a postgraduate diploma in mass communication, and a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine, all from Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda.
Sarah Hebbes, project coordinator sarah.hebbes@scidev.net
Sarah is responsible for the coordination of SciDev.Net’s science communication training programme Script, ensuring the project is delivered on time and to agreed standards. Before joining SciDev.Net in May 2018, Sarah provided freelance communication and event coordination services to a number of organisations. Prior to that, she worked in the communications team of a national UK charity, as editor of the in-house magazine.
Ruth Douglas, deputy editor ruth.douglas@scidev.net
Ruth is responsible for managing the content of SciDev.Net’s global edition, and acts as deputy managing editor. Before joining the team in March 2019 she worked for eight years as a journalist and online news editor with the international news agency Agence France-Presse. Ruth has a degree in French and German from the University of Edinburgh and a postgraduate diploma in journalism.
Joseph Davis Weddi, digital producer davis.weddi@scidev.net
Davis is responsible for the production of our web pages, ensuring quality content, design and delivery, and facilitates user-interaction through social media and digital engagement. He has a Bachelor of IT degree and several Journalism Diplomas from institutions including  Islamic University in Uganda, Stockholm University, International Institute of Journalism Berlin and Uganda Institute of Business and Media Studies, among others. Before joining SciDev.Net in August 2017, Davis previously held editor and communications officer roles in Africa and the Middle East.
Juliet Tumeo, m&e and marketing coordinator at SciDev.Net Juliet.Tumeo@scidev.net
Juliet is responsible for monitoring and evaluation, and marketing for SciDev.Net. She has over 11 years of work experience in communications, digital marketing and public relations. Juliet has worked as communications manager for a UK health charity, developing and overseeing all PR, digital marketing communication campaigns and platforms, and as marketing manager for a UK medical device company. Juliet holds a Master’s in Public Relations from Bournemouth University, Postgraduate certificates in marketing, project management, organisational behaviour, and leadership from Heriot-Watt University and a degree in Media Studies from the University of Namibia.
Latin America and Caribbean

Luisa Massarani, regional coordinator americalatina@scidev.net
Luisa is based in Brazil and is responsible for coordinating SciDev.Net’s freelance correspondents and other key individuals and organisations in Latin America & the Caribbean. She also coordinates meetings, workshops and other training events on science communication and science journalism. Luisa is a science journalist, has a PhD in science communication, and has published several scientific papers and books in this field. In Brazil, she is the head of the National Institute for Public Communication of Science and Technology at Oswaldo Crúz Foundation.

Zoraida Portillo, regional assistant editorzoraida.portillo@scidev.net
Zoraida is a science journalist based in Lima, Peru.  She is a SciDev.Net correspondent since 2004, and assists the regional coordinator in edit and coordination tasks. She has worked as a science journalist since 1995 in several national and international media and she was also the Press Officer at the International Potato Center for 14 years. Currently, she gives lectures and leads workshops on science journalism for various public and private organizations.

Daniela Hirschfeld, regional consultant daniela.hirschfeld@scidev.net
Daniela is a science journalist based in Uruguay. She has been writing for SciDev.Net since 2005 and also assists Luisa Massarani, including the right visualization of texts and images in the Latin American web portal. Daniela was in charge of the Science, Technology and Health section of Búsqueda, a weekly newspaper in Uruguay, and is editor-in-chief of a magazine at this national publication. Daniela was one of the 12 2009–2010 international Knight Science Journalism Fellows at MIT, Boston. She is also professor at the Universidad Católica del Uruguay where she teaches science journalism.

Martín De Ambrosio, regional consultant, martin.deambrosio@scidev.net
Martín is a science journalist since 2000, and he lives in Buenos Aires. He has worked for Página/12, a national outlet (2000-2005), and Perfil (2005-2013) as subeditor; since 2013 he works as an independent journalist for several outlets such as La Nación, La Capital and SciDev.Net. He has covered five UN climate change summits, and published science outreach books. He has also given classes and workshops in Medellín, Trelew, Santiago del Estero and Buenos Aires, among others.

Caterina Elizondo, regional consultant caterina.elizondo@scidev.net
Caterina is a journalist based in Costa Rica. She is the regional digital producer and correspondent for SciDev.Net’s edition for Latin America and the Caribbean. Caterina has a bachelor and licenciate degree in journalism from the University of Costa Rica, and holds a specialization in Science and Technology Communication from the University of Oviedo and the Organization of Ibero-American States. She has worked in the Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications of Costa Rica, and currently works at the University of Costa Rica.

Middle East and North Africa

Bothina Osama, MENA regional coordinator bothina.osama@scidev.net
Bothina is a science journalist based in Cairo and is responsible for commissioning and editing SciDev.Net’s MENA news. She is a founding member of the Arab Science Journalists Association. She has a background in science journalism, especially on the internet, and was the managing science editor at Arabic website IslamOnline.net for several years. Bothina holds a BSc in commerce from Cairo University.

Hisham Soliman, regional sub editor hisham.soliman@scidev.net
Hisham is a writer, editor, translator and designer based in Cairo and is responsible of subediting the content of the Arabic edition of SciDev.Net for the MiENA gateway. He is a member of the Arab Science Journalists Association, has a background in the field of multimedia production, with a broad experience in designing info-graphics. Hisham holds a BSc in Science from Cairo University.

Nehal Lasheen, regional assistant editor nehal.lasheen@scidev.net
Nehal is a science journalist based in Cairo and is responsible of editing the content of the Arabic edition of SciDev.Net for the MENA gateway. She is the president of the Arab Science Journalists Association. She has a background in science journalism, especially on the Internet, as she was the science editor at Arabic website IslamOnline.net for several years. Nehal holds a BSc in pharmacy from Cairo University.

Saleh El Shair, regional copy editor  saleh.alshair@scidev.net
Saleh is a copy editor based in Cairo and is responsible of copy editing and proof reading the Arabic edition of SciDev.Net for the MENA gateway. He has a background in the field of copy editing and proofreading, in addition to verifying manuscripts, his encyclopaedia about major Arab poets was translated. Saleh holds a Ph.D. in Arabic grammar from Cairo University.

Yasser Teilab, regional user engagement coordinator yasser.teilab@scidev.net
Yasser is a digital marketing consultant based in Cairo and is responsible of the user engagement activities of the MENA region gateway. He has a background in working with a wide range of brands on achieving their online marketing goals, also was a key player in establishing couple of digital marketing departments and agencies in Egypt. Yasser holds BA of literature from Cairo University.

South East Asia Pacific

Joel D Adriano, regional coordinator joel.adriano@scidev.net
Joel is an award-winning freelance science journalist based in the Philippines and is responsible for coordinating SciDev.Net’s freelance writers in South-East Asia & Pacific. Joel has an MSc in environmental science and, as an experienced consultant on science, agriculture, environment and education sectors, has been involved in various projects for the World Bank, USAID, ADB and UNICEF. 

Ranjit Devraj, regional sub editor ranjit.devraj@scidev.net
Ranjit is an editor and in-depth writer based in New Delhi. Before joining SciDev.Net in 2010 he worked with the Inter Press Service and the United News of India agencies, specialising on science and development issues. 

Melanie Sison, regional digital producer and user engagement assistant melanie.sison@scidev.net
Melanie is a writer, editor, and digital marketer whose main focus is social development. She has worked with government agencies and international non-government organisations. 

Sub-Saharan Africa (English)

Ochieng' Ogodo, regional coordinator ochieng.ogodo@scidev.net
Ochieng' is a Kenyan science journalist and is responsible for coordinating correspondents and coverage from Sub-Saharan Africa for SciDev.Net. He is the English-speaking Africa and Middle East region winner of the 2008 Reuters-IUCN Media Awards for Excellence in Environmental Reporting. Ochieng is the chairman of the Kenya Environment and Science Journalists Association (KENSJA). As a journalist, his works have been published in various parts of the world including Africa, the UK and the US. He has a deep interest in science journalism and has also presented papers at conferences on the ‘Media and Environmental Protection ‘and ‘Climate Change Reporting: The Developing Word Perspective’.

Jackie Opara, regional deputy editor jackie.opara@scidev.net
Jackie is a Nigerian science journalist and is responsible for coordinating correspondents and coverage including the Africa Science Focus podcast from Sub-Saharan Africa for SciDev.Net. She is English-speaking and won the IDRC Science Journalism Internship award in 2014. Jackie coordinates the affairs of the Nigerian Association of Science Journalists (NASJ). As a journalist, her works have been published in various parts of the world including Africa, South Africa and the UK. She has a profound interest in science journalism and science communication, she dedicates her time to speak to universities and their vice-chancellors in Nigeria on the importance of science communication. She also moderates conference sessions, one of which is moderating at the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF2020) on ‘Agriculture on the front line, what the world can learn from African Scientists’.

Bernard Appiah, regional sub editor bernard.appiah@scidev.net
Bernard subedits and proofreads news, feature, opinion and editorial articles. With over 15 years experience as a science editor, Bernard brings a wealth of experience to SciDev.Net.

Calvin Otieno, regional digital producer production@scidev.net /marketing@scidev.net
Calvin is responsible for the production of the regional web pages, ensuring quality content, design and delivery, and facilitates user-interaction through social media and digital engagement.

Sub-Saharan Africa (Francophone)

Amzath Fassassi, regional coordinator amzath.fassassi@scidev.net
Amzath joined SciDev.Net in 2014, having worked for the British Broadcasting Corporation for fifteen years in various capacities. Amzath has first-hand experience of the African media landscape: he has worked for various news organisations such as Radio Senegal, Radio Nostalgie and a number of other regional news outlets.

Julien Chongwang, regional assistant editor julien.chongwang@scidev.net
Julien is a seasoned Cameroonian journalist and editor. He graduated in journalism from the Advanced School of Mass Communication (ESSTIC/ASMAC), University of Yaounde II (Cameroon) and then worked for five years as a crime reporter for the daily newspaper La Nouvelle Expression in Douala, Cameroon; later becoming the copyeditor for the newspaper. From 2007 to 2009, he collaborated from Douala with the French service of The Voice of America. Before coming to SciDev.Net he was the editor-in-chief of Le Quotidien de l’Economie, a daily newspaper in Douala. At the same time, he was also working as a correspondent in Cameroon for the Moroccan economic daily newspaper, LES ECO.

Bilal Tairou, user engagement coordinator bilal.tairou@scidev.net
Bilal is responsible for planning, developing and monitoring the marketing and promotional activities at SciDev.Net Afrique Sub-Saharienne.  Bilal holds two MBAs, one in International Commerce and Business Development and another in Audit and Control. He has 10 years of experience with various companies in the fields of audit, marketing and advertising.

Editorial Advisory Group
The Editorial Advisory Group exists to ensure SciDev.Net’s editorial independence. The group meets twice a year to review SciDev.Net’s output, and is available on an ad hoc basis to offer its advice and guidance.
Andrew Jack is Global education editor at the Financial Times. He has written extensively about health and pharmaceuticals, and was previously Moscow bureau chief, Paris correspondent, financial correspondent, general reporter and corporate reporter. He is author of the books Inside Putin’s Russia and The French Exception; has written numerous articles for medical journals including BMJ and the Lancet; and reports on French Insurance, Audit Committees, Networking and Work Shadowing.
Myles Runham Myles is an experienced senior leader in digital content services and digital business, having worked in around the internet for 20 years. Roles include Head of Interactive Learning at he BBC and Head of Digital for the BBC Academy. Myles also ran the Ask Jeeves search engine business in Europe as Managing Director. He has a track record for strategy development, product and content design and delivery in a variety of digital services, taking ideas from inception, through business case and into launch and operational management. At the heart of all this work is a focus on user needs and user experience. In the last few year, Myles has developed a business as freelance consultant advising organisations in making digital transitions.
Timothy Large is an award-winning journalist, editor and media development specialist with a long record of bringing under-reported issues to life. He has two decades of experience in newspaper, news agency, and online media. He is Editor-in-Chief of the Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence, overseeing long-form investigative features by journalists across southeastern Europe in partnership with the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network. He is also launching a new cross-border initiative to monitor populist and authoritarian trends in Visegrad Group countries and the Balkans. He was previously Director of Journalism and Media Programmes at the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Reuters News, where he drove initiatives to raise journalistic standards worldwide and help free media flourish. These included independent news agencies in Egypt, Zimbabwe and Myanmar; "The Wealth of Nations", a pan-African project to support investigative journalism into illicit money flows; and “Perspektivy”, an initiative to increase the professionalism and quality of Russian-language media.
Ruth Oniang'o is Professor of Food and Nutritional Sciences. She is educated in the USA and Kenya (Washington State University Pullman and University of Nairobi), founder and Editor-in-Chief of the African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development (AJFAND), founder and Director of Rural Outreach Africa, an NGO working to uplift the lives of resource poor smallholder farmers, especially women, and creating jobs for the young. She has served in advisory capacity for various UN agencies, the World Bank, Kenya Government and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. She is board member of Nestle, a global food, beverage and wellness company, she has served on IRRI, CIAT, IFDC, ACIAR and micronutrient initiative boards and as Vice-Chair of GFAR (Global Forum for Agricultural Research); now serves on Montpellier Panel, and chairs Sasakawa Africa Association and Sasakawa Africa Fund for Extension Education Boards. Ruth is also a winner of two national medals in Kenya, 2014 IFAMA (International Food and Agribusiness Management Association) award for a lifetime of distinguished service and 2014 Fortune magazine's '30 Women Achievers' globally in Food and Drink.
Anne Glover Anne has a BSc in Biochemistry from Edinburgh and a PhD in Molecular Microbiology from Cambridge, UK. She has pursued a career in scientific research at Aberdeen University and her research has been varied including studying how proteins are directed to the correct location within our cells, the diversity and function of the microbial population in soil, the development of biological sensors (biosensors) to detect environmental pollution and more recently, how we respond to stress at the molecular level. This current area of research has particular relevance to how we age (our cells are under stress in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease) and also how we respond to artificial stresses such as chemotherapy. She has also commercialized some of her biosensor technology into a successful company which diagnoses environmental pollution and provides solutions for its clean-up. In 2008 she was made a Woman of Outstanding Achievement in Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) and has worked hard to raise the profile of women in SET and to ensure that not only are women are recruited into careers in SET but that they are supported to remain in the profession during their careers. Anne has promoted the communication of science and has appeared on BBC and international television and many global radio programmes. In 2009, she was awarded a CBE by the Queen in recognition of her services to environmental sciences.
Nadia El-Awady is a freelance science writer and editor who currently works with Springer-Nature and Asia Research News. She has degrees in medicine and journalism. In addition to her work as a science journalist, Nadia has managed media training projects, taught science and online journalism at the undergraduate level, and she had a brief stint as a director of communications at a large science institution in Egypt. Nadia is from Egypt but is currently based in the UK.
CABI board
SciDev.Net is managed by the board of its parent organisation CABI. See the full list of board members HERE.