Mentoring programme

About the mentoring programme
  • Our award-winning science journalists and trainers teach your researchers and science communicators  how to deal with the media and communicate their work to different audiences
  • Our mentoring programme is tailorred to your field of interest and work.
  • Participants receive free access to our Media skills for Scientists online course with more than thirteen user-friendly modules comprising of 170 lessons
  • There are weekly meetings with our trainers, to answer their questions and help them understand the world of media through examples from their field of work.
  • All the meetings are carried out online, to ensure the health and safety of your staff, as well as our team.
  • You can enrol up to ten peoplein our mentoring programme, but the mentoring will be done on an individual level, with one to one meetings, training and communications.
Who is this program for?

Universities and research institutes aiming to get more exposure for their work by training their research teams on how to better communicate science

  • Scientists and researchers looking to successfully communicate their research outside their field community
  • Science officers willing to deepen their knowledge on how to connect their researchers to the media and the informed public
Key benefits:

After completing the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Communicate better with media about their research
  • Effectively reach other stakeholders like policymakers and funders
  • Create their own media plans, simplifying their work to be easily understood by an audience outside their area of specialty.
  • Use platforms and tools like social media and press releases effectively

Three weeks of one to one mentorship with a science communication expert