Hacking Africa’s next tech geniuses

Students at Public School
Students attend class at a public school. Copyright: UN Photo/Marco Dormino, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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Season 2, Episode 2

With nine in every ten new jobs in 2030 expected to require digital skills, graduates in Africa — and young women in particular — without information and communications technology training will be left behind. Nigerian computer scientist Unoma Okorafor is striving to change that.

This week on Africa Science Focus, we find out how the Working to Advance African Women foundation is equipping girls with the science and technology skills of the future, through hackathons, mentoring programmes, and a planned network of research academies for girls that will support the continent’s next generation of tech geniuses and thought leaders.

 Africa Science Focus, with Michael Kaloki.

Music credit: Broke for free – Night Owl ***CC BY***  

Learn more about Unoma Okorafor’s career

This programme was funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York.