March for Science: Photos from around the world

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On Earth Day (22 April) a global March for Science was held in more than 600 cities. Thousands of people — from farmers to politicians, biologists, science communicators and celebrities — marched in solidarity with scientists across the world whose work may be sidelined by politics or out of the public eye. 

“The rising global anti-science sentiment is very concerning. 'Science saves lives' and it is my duty to speak up.”

Tanuja Gengiah, South Africa

This gallery highlights scenes from marches in Africa (Malawi, Nigeria and South Africa), Asia (India, Philippines), Latin America (Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia) as well as major events in the global north (United Kingdom and United States). It features a few of the organisations involved and individuals expressing their own personal reasons for showing support for scientists.

The group March for Science, which was at the forefront of organising this event worldwide, aims to raise awareness on the overall lack of evidence-based research in policy, using science as a tool to guide long-term decision making.

"The best way to ensure science will influence policy is to encourage people to appreciate and engage with science,” they write on their website. “We encourage scientists to reach out to their communities, sharing their research and its impact on people's everyday lives."

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