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Biofortified crops ready for developing world debut

A range of crops rich in micronutrients will be launched from next year, but is the developing world ready, asks …


Indian Ocean sea levels 'rising at different rates'

Researchers have identified distinct patterns of sea-level rises in the Indian Ocean, and say this could aid …


Poor internet links mar Africa's satellite data access

Weak internet connections are hampering Africa's access to free Earth observation data, key to monitoring climate …


Greener stoves cook up health benefits, study shows

Using improved cookstoves in India can save millions of lives as well as benefiting the environment, a study has …


Launching your own satellite — the pros and cons

Developing nations are building their own satellites despite freely available Western data. Do the gains outweigh …


Rural medics to get mobile advice 'hotline'

Rural health workers will get advice via mobile phones as part of a project in Ghana — just one of a growing …


Green mobile network for rural Sri Lanka under trial

A Sri Lankan operator is pioneering a rural mobile phone network that uses solar and wind technologies.


New mobile phone runs on solar power

A phone with an integrated solar panel — aimed at those without access to electricity — will be sold …


Turning plants into pills in Kenya

Traditional healers are joining forces with plant chemists in Kenya to develop antimalarials isolated from plants, …


African cable project gains interest

A new undersea communications cable project, aiming to provide cheap access to communications in Africa, is …


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