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Indian court's Novartis ruling keeps door to cheap drugs open

After a lengthy court battle, India has rejected a major cancer drug patent bid — meaning lifesaving drugs …


Lack of access to technology 'hampers detection of substandard drugs'

Global drug markets are awash with low quality medicine, partly because of inadequate testing in poor countries, …


Crop yields stall in China, India

Crop yields of staples like rice, wheat, maize and soybean are stagnant in China and India.


Committee advises halt to Indian Bt crop trials

An expert panel, appointed by the Supreme Court of India, has recommended a ten-year moratorium on all Bt food …


India tightens clinical trial regulations

India is planning tighter legislation to regulate clinical trials and expansion of its pool of experts in …


Winning projects at clean energy awards benefit women

This year's Ashden Awards have recognised five initiatives that have a range of direct benefits for women and …


Biomass cooking stoves linked to depression

A new study links indoor air pollution from biomass-burning cooking stoves to depression in women.


‘South Asia’s canal projects spread malaria’, says report

A new study confirms the close link between malaria spread and irrigation projects in South Asia.


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