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Q&A: How to stop ‘helicopter research colonisation’
Intensification of cattle ranching doesn’t always help reduce deforestation
Faster and cheaper test to detect Zika
Deadly fungal disease ‘caused greatest biodiversity loss ever recorded’
Sugarcane ethanol benefits mapped out for Latin America
Network for young scientists to launch in Latin America


Global science committee to fight poverty mooted in Brazil

Brazil's science minister has used a world science academy meeting to outline proposals for a global science committee to ...



GM trials slash dengue mosquito numbers

The results of two GM mosquito trials, in Brazil and the Cayman Islands, show up to a 90 per ...



Landslide deaths ‘four times higher than thought’

A new system for tracking landslide deaths has revealed that fatality numbers are significantly higher than previously thought.



Research metrics penalise part-time women researchers

Scientists have used an analogy between ecosystems and academia to reveal the institutional barriers that drive women out of ...



Brazil tests GM mosquitoes to fight dengue

Early results from the release of millions of genetically modified mosquitoes in Brazil are 'positive', say dengue researchers.



Study notes strategies to lower HIV risk for sex workers

A review of HIV infection rates among female sex workers finds they still face significant risks – but notes ...


Helen Mendes

Helen Mendes


Helen Mendes is a freelance science journalist from Brazil. She collaborates as a freelance reporter with SciDev.Net since 2007. Helen studied journalism at the Federal University of Paraná (Brazil, 2007) and holds a master's in International Media Studies from Deutsche Welle Akademie/ Universität Bonn (Germany, 2012).

Contact Details: [email protected], @iamhelenmendes
Location: Curitiba (Brazil).
Languages Spoken: Portuguese, English, German, Spanish.
Areas of Interests: Health, Environment, Science Policy, International Cooperation, Social Studies.
Local/Demographic Interests: Brazil/ Latin America and the Caribbean, Germany.
Topic Interests: Neglected diseases, indigenous people, the Amazon, Gender Studies.
Professional Memberships: Rede Brasileira de Jornalistas e Comunicadores de Ciência.
Job Title: Periodista Independiente