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US presidency: A climate challenge for Latin America
Brazilian ethics clash exposes science culture gap
Rifts emerge in scientists’ views on safety of GMOs
Brazil struggles to regulate emerging nanotechnology


Latin America Analysis: Environmental policy and deforestation

When it comes to the environment, there is no dialogue between civil society, the scientific community, government and parliament, ...



Latin America Analysis: The challenge of training scientists

In addition to programmes for training abroad, Latin America needs measures and organisations for the promotion of science, writes ...



New hope in war against deadly wheat fungus

Wheat crops resistant to the fungus Ug99, which threatens global wheat supplies, have been developed by a Kenyan-Mexican collaboration.



Open access papers used more in developing world

Developing country scientists cite open access papers more than restricted ones, suggesting they enhance their participation in science.



Q&A: The growing promise in South–South scientific collaboration

Jacob Palis, president of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, talks about shared responsibility and a rosy future for South–South ...



‘Prevention better than treatment’ in malnutrition

Preventive rather than recuperative nutrition programmes are best for tackling child malnutrition, a study has found.



Crop biofuels ‘create carbon debt’

Two new research papers indicate that biofuel production can carry an unrecognised cost by indirectly increasing carbon emissions.


Sugarcane ethanol: Brazil’s biofuel success
Carla Almeida

Carla Almeida


Carla Almeida is a freelance journalist for SciDev.Net.

She is a Brazilian science journalist and a researcher in the public understanding of science, based at Museu da Vida, Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, Rio de Janeiro.

Carla covered science policy for Jornal da Ciência, the newspaper of the Brazilian Association for the Advancement of Science, was the editor of Ciência Hoje On-line, the website of one of the main science communication magazines in Brazil, and has worked as a freelance writer for different media outlets. She has been a contributor to SciDev.Net since 2005, where she is currently responsible for the column Radar Latinoamericano.

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