Andy Extance


Andy Extance is a freelance science journalist and director of science writing and technical editorial service company Exeter Empirical, as well as a board member of the Association of British Science Writers and Exeter Community Energy. 

Prior to becoming a freelancer in 2009 he worked for Compound Semiconductor magazine as news editor.

Andy has worked as a journalist since 2007, before which he worked for six and a half years in early-stage drug discovery research, followed by brief stint in silicone adhesive and rubber manufacturing.

He has a degree in chemistry and is a chartered chemist and chartered scientist.
Local/Demographic Interests: Global
Topic Interests: Gender, development, drug discovery, food science, adhesives, spectroscopy, protein, DNA and RNA science, nanofabrication, molecular machines and programming, semiconductors, lasers, LEDs, power electronics, renewable energy and nuclear power, optics, optical and wireless communication, health, medicine, infectious diseases and the antibiotic crisis, rare diseases, sensory science, plant science, molecular neuroscience, microscopy, origin-of-life research, environmental science, climate change, Bitcoin, AI, the business of science, science for development, computational modelling, military technology

Contact Details:
Location: Exeter, UK
Languages Spoken: English