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Open data could reform development and governance practice around the world, and the UN has called for a ‘data revolution’ to achieve this in the post-2015 development agenda. Here we highlight some of SciDev.Net’s news and blog posts on open data for development, from the big UN initiatives, down to calls for no-frills access to data in areas with no Internet access.

Let the revolution begin.

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UN panel urges 'data revolution' for development goals
Technology can improve the collection of data needed to monitor progress on the Sustainable Development Goals, says a high-profile panel.

How to engineer a data-for-development revolution
Experts chart the way forward on data revolution for the post-2015 goals, from production to use of data.

Data dearth keeps migration off development agenda
Better data and more political will are needed to back migrants' inclusion in post-2015 development, says report.

Is open data improving governance?
As a new working group and a report on open data are launched in London, Josh Howgego explores what is at stake.

Open data reveal extent of land grabbing
An initiative to boost land-deal transparency estimates that foreign investors control nearly 33 million hectares.

UN initiative mines big data to direct development
Analysing mobile phone and Internet data can provide rapid information for decision-makers, says a UN initiative.

Smartphones could provide weather data in poor nations
An app measures smartphone battery temperatures to provide crowdsourced weather forecasts.

Scientists strive to make global disease data more useful
Methodological issues are plaguing efforts to make the Global Burden of Disease study more meaningful and useful for developing countries.

Data dearth impeding fight against desertification
Attempts to limit desert growth are being held back by a lack of accessible data on land degradation, a UN conference has heard.

Low-tech data access is still needed
In places without Internet access, residents can access data in other ways, the World Social Science Forum has heard.

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