SciDev.Net Podcast: Peaceful nuclear technologies

December Climate monthly podcast
Copyright: Ainhoa Goma/Oxfam

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As the UN climate talks kick off in Paris this week, we travel to South Africa to look at the real impacts of global warming on people.
We discover how worsening heatwaves already pose a serious threat to public health in Africa, that under climate change is likely to get on average two times hotter than the rest of the world.
We then learn about the less known applications of nuclear technologies, and why some believe that peaceful nuclear is the solution to humanity’s future problems, while others remain sceptical.
In the face of future challenges, it becomes increasingly important to engage the public and new technologies can revolutionise how humanitarian workers and scientists communicate. Virtual reality can bridge gaps between cultures and help people empathise through immersive experience.
Muslim countries punch way below their weight in international science. Despite around a quarter of all people on the planet living in the Muslim world, it has produced only a handful of science Nobel prize winners. But why? We talk to academic Athar Osama to learn more.
This month’s reporters are:
 Theresa Taylor @TheresaTaylorZA
Kevin Pollock @KPstraightupG‪ 
Jon Spaull @jonSpaull

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