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Sri Lanka launches office to foster innovation

Sri Lanka has launched an Office of Science, Technology and Innovation to promote partnerships for innovation.


Individual innovators thrive in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's innovators need government support and venture capital.


Cheap urine test for lymphatic filariasis

A new urine test for lymphatic filariasis is expected to help Sri Lanka eliminate the mosquito-borne disease.


Boys respond better than girls to psycho-social trauma intervention

School-based psycho-social interventions help boys deal with conflict-related trauma more than girls, a new study …


Cardamom crops affect forests, studies say

Cultivation of cardamom can be detrimental to the health of tropical forests say two new studies.


Sri Lanka lacks forest data for REDD+ funds

Lack of reliable forest data may prevent Sri Lanka from quickly accessing carbon reduction funds.


Tsunami study stresses preparedness

Sri Lanka needs to be prepared for tsunamis in order to reduce impacts, say new computer simulated studies.


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