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New drug-resistant malaria strains uncovered in Cambodia

Genome sequencing has revealed surprising new malaria parasites in Cambodia that are resistant to artemisinin, the …


Drug resistance 'is major threat to poor nations'

A rise in antibiotic-resistant infections is a huge problem for developing countries that often lack the money to …


Genetic markers offer hope for tackling drug-resistant malaria

Newly discovered markers that appear to be linked to a hard-to-treat form of malaria could aid efforts to …


Asia-Pacific commits to improving health data systems

A meeting of Asia-Pacific governments has culminated with a commitment to strengthen health data systems to help …


Pacific fisheries meet 'fails to end tuna overfishing'

A call to protect a key tuna species has been ignored by the big fishing countries at a recent meeting, says …


Mapping tool to support sustainable palm-oil farming

An online tool that combines analysis of deforestation and land mapping could help improve sustainable farming in …


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