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Half of mental health disorders arise in adolescence
Crisis in Venezuela threatens region’s measles-free status
Pledge against invasive species has ‘moral weight’
The hidden digital divide

Data visualisation

The hidden digital divide


Volcanic ash study could help keep planes in the skies
Canal could turn Lake Nicaragua into ‘dead zone’
Chile ‘not benefitting enough from big astronomy’
Developing nations seek a share of Antarctica’s spoils
Brazil to open US$52 million research base in Antarctica


Deforestation reduces rainfall in tropics, says study

Scientists predict that, unless Amazon and Congo deforestation is checked, rainfall rates in the region could plummet.



Paving the path to mobile learning in Latin America

Using mobile phones in education is a growing trend, but there are challenges to making it sustainable, finds Paula ...



Breakthrough in quest to turn seaweed into biofuels

Researchers have engineered microorganisms to break down the sugars in seaweed into ethanol, creating a potential new source of ...


Paula Leighton

Paula Leighton


Paula Leighton is a journalist based in Santiago, Chile and since 2004 writes articles for SciDev.Net. She was assistant coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean for seven years in editing and coordination tasks.

Currently, she works for the Health, Science and Technology page at newspaper El Mercurio. She has also worked as editor for the Health, Science and Technology section of newspaper La Tercera, and also as a reporter and scriptwriter for TV series about science in Chile, like Enlaces for Televisión Nacional, and Discovery Channel-Latin America.

Paula holds a master of science degree in electronic media from Oxford Brooks University (UK), as a Chevening Scholar from British Council.

Contact details: [email protected]

Location: Santiago (Chile).

Languages spoken: Spanish, English.

Areas of interest: Health, science, environment.

Local/Demographic Interests: Chile, Latin America.

Professional memberships: Chilean Association of Scientific Journalists; Board Member of the Citizen Science Foundation.

Job Title: Freelance journalist