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Africa ‘not on track to reach 2030 HIV/AIDS targets’
Science academies should influence education in Africa
Tackle NTDs with innovation, but not just from science
Networking project launched to empower girls in science
Call to raise herbal medicine standards
African initiative calls for focus on land restoration
African nations to phase out lead in paint by 2020
Why reporters should let the past inform the present
Nigerian press ‘failing’ to cover nanotechnology


China-Africa joint medical research to deepen

China and Africa are working on plans to offer African scientists training, carry out joint research and transfer technology.



African policymakers ‘lack environmental data’

Policymakers in Africa lack the data they need to make decisions or budget properly on environmental issues, say experts.



Panel to review Africa’s science and technology roadmap

Africa's Science and Technology Consolidated Plan of Action will be reviewed by a panel ahead of a November science ...


Ochieng’ Ogodo

Ochieng’ Ogodo


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