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Female Arab scientists urge defence of women's rights

A conference in Kuwait urges support for efforts to improve networking and the protection of women's rights, which …


FAO launches project to boost food security in Egypt

Nutrition education, capacity building and enterprise skills are the focus of a UN project to boost food security …


Egypt activates high speed data link for researchers

High speed Internet has been introduced in Egyptian universities, but many researchers are still unaware of how to …


Biotech incubator launched for Arab researchers

Abu Dhabi University is to host a major biotechnology incubator to take Arab discoveries through to the market.


Researchers strike gold with nanoparticle virus test

An award-winning, rapid test for hepatitis C that uses gold nanoparticles could be especially useful in the Middle …


Underground oasis may boost Egypt's development

Scientists may have discovered a way of unlocking Egypt's huge underwater aquifer, but critics question the …


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