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Malaria vaccine rollout in children ‘ends hiatus’
Zambia on alert to quash future Ebola cases


High-speed internet links southern African universities

The launch of a new Internet link between university networks in South Africa and Zambia aims to boost regional ...



Diversifying crops ‘could green African agriculture’

Rotating maize and legume crops could halve fertiliser use without reducing maize yields, a countrywide study in Malawi has ...


Moses Michael-Phiri

Moses Michael-Phiri


Moses Michael-Phiri, a Fredskorpset Norway fellow and award winning science journalist from Malawi, is one of SciDev.Net’s Sub-Saharan Africa English Edition correspondents.
With over 15 years’ experience in the media industry, he has reported extensively on environmental issues and climate change on African. In Malawi, he is the Deputy Editor of the Weekend Nation and author of Word on the Street, a weekly column published by the same paper. 
Expertise: Science journalism.
Contact details:  [email protected]
Mobile: +265999230522/+265880322076

Social media accounts:
WhatsApp: +265999230522
Instargram/Twitter @mosesmichael2 MosesMichael-Phiri
Languages spoken: English
Location: Blantyre City, Malawi
Areas of Interests:   Health, agriculture, climate change, development, communication
Topic Interests:  Science and technology
Local/Demographic Interests: Malawi and the rest of Africa
Professional Memberships: Founding member of the Association of Environmental Journalists in Malawi. He is also a member of Science Journalists Association of Malawi
Job Title: Science journalist