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Sickle cell children dying 'preventable' deaths

Vaccines could curb infections that are claiming the lives of thousands of African children with sickle cell …


Figures reveal extent of Africa's neglected diseases

Africa's neglected diseases burden is on a par with TB, malaria and HIV/AIDS — and should be given equal …


Africa puts price on climate adaptation aid

The African Union looks set to demand US$67 billion a year for technology transfer, training of scientists and …


Coffee pest ready to take advantage of climate shift

Coffee output could be hit hard by climate change, researchers warn, because the crop's main pest adapts so well …


G8 pledges $US20 billion for agriculture

The G8 countries have pledged to rejuvenate agriculture in the developing world, including a boost for research …


Scientists produce GM crops without foreign genes

A new GM technique can produce desired crop traits without transferring genes between species.


New science ministry — and minister — for Kenya

Kenya has created a new ministry that will bring together scientists and university researchers — and …


Uganda 'close to stamping out Hib meningitis'

Uganda is close to eradicating Hib meningitis among young children as a result of consistent immunisation …


Kenyan conflict disrupts East African science

The continuing political conflict in Kenya has affected scientific development in the country and the East African …


US$13 million grant boosts women in agriculture

The Gates Foundation has given US$13 million to a scheme aiming to increase the number of African women in …


Biofuel: Africa's new oil?

Biofuel holds promise for Africa but research is not yet in place to fully reap the rewards, or analyse the …


Ownership squabbles 'hindering' conservation

Arguments over ownership of animal genetic resources are delaying vital conservation efforts, say experts.


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