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Modified plant clears up deadly water toxin

Researchers have genetically altered the tobacco plant to render harmless a dangerous toxin that contaminates water.


Heat therapy could burn out leishmaniasis

A disfiguring skin ulcer disease could be treated with a single session of heat therapy instead of painful …


Novel TB research strategy could boost drug delivery

Drug therapies for tuberculosis could emerge four times faster than normal, thanks to a new approach that pools …


Temperature rise spreads malaria, scientists insist

The hotly contested idea that climate change is increasing the spread of malaria has been supported by a review of …


Sweet technique could keep virus vaccines cool

Suspending live virus vaccines in layers of sugar could prove an effective way of storing them without …


Gates promises US$10 billion for vaccine push

The Gates Foundation will invest an additional US$10 billion towards the development and delivery of vaccines in …


Gene discovery could boost yield of key malaria drug

The discovery of genes in the plant Artemisia that control the yield of the antimalarial artemisinin could …


'Test and treat' HIV strategy could backfire

A 'test and treat' HIV strategy being explored by the WHO could increase the spread of drug-resistant strains, a …


Misfiring immune system blamed for HIV vaccine failure

An HIV vaccine component may have accidentally triggered an immune response that made people more vulnerable to …


Climate complexities stoke disease controversies

Modelling how climate change might affect insect-borne disease is hugely complex — and increasingly …


Fungus-resistant gene found in rice

The devastating effect of blast fungus on rice paddies worldwide could be dampened by the discovery of a gene that …


Caution urged over cloud seeding

Cloud seeding to increase rainfall — proven to work in Australia — may not be the answer for all …


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