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E-waste 'endangers health' in Chinese town

The electronic waste processing industry has caused severe health problems for residents in a southern Chinese town.


Researchers pinpoint gene that 'improves rice yields'

Researchers have discovered a gene that plays a role in the size and weight of rice grains, which could …


Chinese innovation 'too isolated'

China needs to improve the integration between business and science and different sectors of its innovation …


Make China journals open access, says top scientist

Priority must be given to domestic science publications and many Chinese journals should be made open-access, says …


Researchers call for better rabies care in China

Researchers have found that Chinese rabies cases have risen dramatically in recent years, matched by inadequate …


Negative attitudes 'hindering' China GM commercialisation

The negative attitude of European nations towards GM food is affecting commercialisation policies, says a leading …


Study finds Chinese obesity rates soaring

A new study finds that obesity rates in China are soaring and putting a heavy burden on the country's health system.


China's forestry projects 'should be more sustainable'

Researchers have called for more planning and better collaboration to make two of China's environmental programmes …


Science communicators rise to climate challenge

Science communicators from across the globe have put together a series of recommendations for better communicating …


Science journalism urged to be more locally relevant

Science journalism will have more impact in developing countries if efforts are made to make research relevant to …


Quake reconstruction efforts 'need careful evaluation'

Reconstruction efforts in China's quake-hit regions will only be sustained with strategic scientific and …


Chinese scientists call for better quake prediction

In the aftermath of Sichuan earthquake, Chinese scientists are calling for enhanced earthquake prediction.


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