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Drought-resistant tea highlighted in natural product research

Drought-resistant tea is on an agenda for natural product development and capacity building in Malawi and other …


Malawi launches national health research agenda

Malawi's new five-year agenda sets out national priorities for health research to guide policymaking and …


Malawi finally starts building science university

A loan from China has helped construction work begin on the Malawi University of Science and Technology.


Network will bolster African fisheries research

Africa has launched a university network to strengthen its fisheries sector through improved research and …


Plans for Malawi science university heading to parliament

Detailed proposals for the country's first science and technology university are being considered by the Malawian …


More East African countries to benefit from broadband

Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania are the latest countries targeted by the World Bank for high-speed communications …


Get agricultural research to farmers, universities told

African universities have been urged to lead the way in making sure agricultural research gets to the farmers that …


Malawi to boost investment in science

Malawi's newly re-elected president has plans for science and technology, including a new commission to coordinate …


Countries funded to plan forest protection

Developing countries have been funded to take part in the Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation …


Larvae-eating fish employed in malaria fight

Scientists are expanding a method that uses larvae-eating fish to contain mosquito populations, which could be …


Medic charged with unauthorised drug trials in Malawi

Authorities have uncovered what they say are illegal and unsupervised drug trials on HIV positive cancer patients …


Malawi joins Africa-wide science and development survey

Malawi has signed up to contribute to an Africa-wide initiative to gauge the impact of science on development.


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