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Polio vaccine 'can prevent type 2 outbreak in Nigeria'

The re-emergence of type 2 poliovirus can be prevented with the trivalent oral polio vaccine, say researchers.


Scientists scent victory against the tsetse fly

Chemicals in human odour that attract tsetse flies have been identified and could bait traps to kill more of the …


Parasite-resistant maize 'a hit' with Nigerian farmers

Nigerian farmers are selling more seeds of parasite-resistant, yield-boosting maize crops than official …


Community-directed healthcare 'effective', finds study

A study of three African countries has found that community-administered healthcare is an effective strategy to …


Malaria 'causes immune system to attack own DNA'

Malaria infection can cause children's immune systems to attack its own DNA, worsening the severity of the …


Nigeria gas flaring cap 'in doubt'

The Nigerian government is confident about banning gas flaring by 2008, but critics believe that the measures are …


Nigeria: no scientific success without mathematics

Nigerian mathematicians are urging their government to invest in mathematics education as an essential component …


Deforestation accelerating in Central Africa

Measures to tighten up forest management in Central Africa are being undermined by increasing logging activity, a …


Blood conversion could benefit developing countries

A method of converting blood types could solve many transfusion problems in developing countries ― but it may take …


Journalists 'should give priority to HIV'

Journalists in rural areas of Nigeria should prioritise HIV/AIDS stories in order to improve uptake of health …


Nigerian monarchs launch local language initiative

Nigeria's local languages will be used to develop and promote science and technology in local communities and …


Nigerian minister calls for ICT for 'every African'

A Nigerian minister has called for better access to ICTs in Africa, but his country's own scheme is suffering from …


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