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Explore the global landscape of female researchers


Percentage of female researchers

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  0 to 10
  10 to 20
  20 to 30
  30 to 40
  40 to 50
  50 to 100
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What proportion of researchers in the country where you live are women? Explore our interactive map to find out.
It might be that you live in a nation where the figure looks promising, at least on the face of it. In Thailand, for example, nearly 86 per cent of researchers are women. But if these posts are poorly paid, is that a good thing? Or perhaps you live in one of the many countries — including swathes of the Pacific islands and chunks of Africa — where data is unavailable.
SciDev.Net has investigated the story behind these trends. But what does the data mean to you? Tell us what you think in the comments below.