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Corrections and complaints policy

SciDev.Net seeks to ensure that its news and feature articles, as well as policy briefs, are accurate, truthful and balanced, and that the editorial and opinion articles it publishes discuss issues in a fair way, representing the genuine opinions of the author.

SciDev.Net also seeks to ensure that all external material to which it links is reliable and authoritative, although we do not take responsibility for the accuracy of such material, or the views that it may contain.

Please do not hesitate contact us if you feel that we have failed to meet any of the above criteria.

If you have a comment about a particular article or a differing opinion to one expressed in an article, feel free to comment in the section provided at the bottom of each article. Alternatively you can email your comment directly to the editor (, who will consider it for publication as a letter to the editor.


All requests for corrections in material published on the website, or complaints about such material should be sent to

Please ensure that your communication includes:

> Type of feedback (i.e. comment, factual inaccuracy, etc)
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> Details of feedback
> Your contact details

All such suggestions and complaints will be considered promptly, and appropriate action taken at the discretion of the editor.

Where a significant correction is involved, users of the website will be informed that this has taken place. 


If you are dissatisfied with the way that a suggestion for a correction, a complaint about an item posted on the website, has been handled, the issue should be raised with the executive committee of SciDev.Net. These can be sent to

Any formal complaint to the executive committee should be received within three months of the article in question being posted on the website.

The executive committee will decide if further action is required, or — in exceptional circumstances — whether the issue should be referred to the board of trustees. You will be notified of the executive committee's actions within three months of receipt of your complaint.

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