Nurturing innovative IT research in Africa

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Part 1 looks at the iHub, which provides an open-access environment for innovative research.
Part 2 explores the iLabAfrica at Strathmore University that aims to link universities and industry to stimulate innovation.
Part 3 focuses on the IBM Research—Africa lab and the role of the multinational in strengthening innovative, data-driven research.

Kenya’s technological innovation sector is flourishing. The spread of mobile phones has led to a host of innovations, such as the money transfer service M-Pesa, which has transformed how people buy goods and deposit their savings. Tech hubs providing support for young African entrepreneurs have mushroomed in recent years, offering a service that traditional universities are failing to provide. Looking to tap into this new boom, several multinational companies have opened African research labs in Nairobi. This three-part film looks at different settings for innovative research in Kenya ­— the ihub, Strathmore University’s iLab Africa, and the IBM Research—Africa lab — and their roles in strengthening research capacity in Africa. 

This article is part of the Spotlight on Making higher education work for Africa.