At SciDev.Net, we offer high-quality training for scientists and journalists. We have over 15 years’ experience of delivering training to both researchers and journalists in science communication, science journalism and teaching skills. See below for the range of training we offer.

FREE online course: Integrating gender into your research
This online course will help you include gender in your scientific research to help maximise your impact and global reach.
The course is aimed at researchers and students in life and natural sciences. You will learn:

  • -What we mean by integrating gender into research
  • -Why integrating gender into scientific research is so important
  • -What integrating gender means for different areas of science
  • -How to integrate gender for better research quality and impact
  • -Basic advocacy methods for ensuring your research informs wider global agendas such as the Sustainable Development Goals
  • -How to ensure your research has maximum impact and contributes to change

The course draws on a wide range of examples, and provides activities which enable you to put what you are learning into practice.

Online course: Media skills for scientists
This online course addresses any reservations you might have about engaging with journalists, and shows you how to turn your communications into opportunities that will advance your own career and interests.

Why this course?

  • - Talking to the media is a great way to communicate your research to the public
  • - Media exposure can lead to more collaborations and funding
  • - If you don’t talk to a journalist, someone else will
  • - You never know when you’ll be put on the spot by a journalist or someone else, and this course will prepare you for this situation
  • - SciDev.Net has over 15 years’ experience in training scientists, journalists and decision-makers to become better communicators

What’s included?

  • - More than 12 hours of lectures, including over an hour of video lectures, where you’ll get insights from SciDev.Net's editor and training expert, Kaz Janowski
  • - Practical tasks designed to help you apply media theory to your working practice
  • - Feedback and Q&A once a week from the course facilitator
  • - Worksheets, guides and slides to support your skills
  • - Recommended reading chosen by science communication experts

Practical guides
SciDev.Net produces free practical guides on key science communication and journalism topics. These are aimed at researchers, journalists, students and science communication professionals. Written by experts in their fields, these user-friendly guides offer tips and practical guidance on a range of themes. There are over 50 in our catalogue — discover and enjoy them here.
Training partnerships
SciDev.Net has a unique approach to training: we help institutions such as universities, research bodies and journalism schools develop their own, tailored training programmes. Please get in touch with [email protected] for more information.
Media mentorships
SciDev.Net works with other media outlets around the world, forming partnerships and developing content together. We also offer mentoring support to outlets interested in improving their science reporting capacity. Please get in touch with [email protected] for further details.
We recognise that organisations can’t always organise or attend face-to-face training, and would prefer remote sessions. We offer tailored training programmes in the form of online webinars. Please get in touch with [email protected] to discuss your requirements.

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