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India's shift to inclusive innovation is 'a model to follow'

Inclusive, affordable innovation — as exemplified in India — can help meet development goals, an OECD …


Donors renew programme for African women researchers

Women agricultural researchers in 11 Sub-Saharan countries will benefit from a second phase of the AWARD programme.


More detailed data 'needed to tackle hunger in Mali'

Research shows that data from national household surveys provide more accurate assessment of hunger in Mali.


African water atlas launched in French

A French version of an African water atlas was launched at World Water Week, boosting the continent's capacity for …


Fellowships for African women scientists a big hit

A mentoring scheme for African women in agricultural science has been inundated with applications.


Market approach to aid 'means death for millions'

Even though aid alone can't solve all Africa's problems, it underpins a burgeoning number of success stories, …


Time for a grand re-think of grand aid plans

Aid donors should re-think their self-appointed role as saviours of the poor, and try more modest and realistic …


UK chief: Science 'central to development strategy'

The prime minister of the United Kingdom has urged the global scientific community to use its skills in solving …


Developing countries need support to tackle MDGs

Nations need support to monitor the Millennium Development Goals, says Sarah B. Macfarlane. But there is progress, …


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