Impact & learning

SciDev.Net strives to continually learn and understand from its audiences. The more we understand our impact the more we can respond to the evolving needs of people using our website and services, and provide products that offer enduring value.

Learning Series

The SciDev.Net Learning Series helps to raise our profile within the sector through innovative research and easy to understand content. It takes our collected information and presents it in accessible reports that can be used to help you to improve your work too. The series is part of the M&E programme and provides valuable lessons regarding the mainstreaming of evidence for policymaking, development and when building a culture of science.

IIED found the Mapping the Impacts of Science Journalism inspiring, and it has contributed to our analysis and understanding of how IIED affects changes in behaviour, knowledge and debate.

Clair Grant-Salmon - Audience Development Manager, Communications at the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)

Stories of impact

We want to understand more about how our information in used, and what impact it has had — both on individuals' activities and on the wider social context of work.

As a regular user of the SciDev.Net website, we know that you value our content, but we would like to understand more about how you use it. What impact has it had – on your own activities and in the wider social context in which you work?

This information will help us to provide you with the information that matters most to you and to increase our contribution to key areas of development. The results of last year's survey were also published in our popular Learning series report, Mapping the impact of science journalism.

You can tell us your story here.