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Indigenous people ‘attuned’ to chronic disease risks
Ecuador names and shames biopirates


Ecuador plans extra funds for science

Ecuador aims to stop its rollercoaster science spending with a strategy to plough extra funds into research and training.



Change to Ecuador’s GM laws ‘could allow suicide seeds’

Anti-GM groups say Ecuador's proposed amendment to GM legislation may pave the way for terminator or 'suicide' seeds.



Ecuador suffers science budget cut — again

Ecuador's science community faces heavy budget cuts because of the economic crisis — another blow to the country's research ...


Tania Orbe

Tania Orbe


Tania is a journalism teacher at the San Francisco de Quito University. She is also editor of magazines, books and digital contents, and gives lectures and workshops on communication and scientific outreach.
In 2014 she won the First Hack of Science Journalism in Mexico, organized by the Inter-American Development Bank, with the regional scientific tourism project "Explora a Conciencia" in collaboration with four journalists from Chile, Colombia and Mexico. In 2008, created the scientific dissemination magazine E-Ciencia, for the University of the Armed Forces (ESPE), which is still in circulation.
Tania holds a master's degree in Public Communication of Science and Technology. She has worked as a research writer on health news, society and economy in the newspaper Expreso and the magazine Vanguardia in Ecuador. Of the latter, she participated in its creation in 2005.
Tania with is a SciDev.Net collaborator since 2008.

Contact: [email protected]; Twitter: @taniaorbe; LinkedIn

Location: Quito (Ecuador).

Langages spoken: Spanish, English.

Areas of interest: Science, health, education and environment.

Job Title: Periodista independiente