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Biomed Analysis: The social side of vaccine effectiveness

Social attitudes towards vaccines are hard to cram into a mathematical model, but scientists need to take them …


Biomed Analysis: India mustn't bow to patent pressure

The latest round of challenges to India's drug patent laws is a fight that must be won for the world's poor, says …


Biomed Analysis: 'Frugal' innovation for good health

The developing world needs support for low-tech health innovations that do not compromise on effectiveness, says …


Biomed Analysis: Indonesia needs a central science fund

Indonesia has a poor track record in funding R&D, stifling biomedical progress. Priya Shetty joins a call for …


Biomed Analysis: A cautious welcome for online trials

Online clinical trials hold promise for research but scientists should think hard before using them in poorer …


Biomed Analysis: Time for rights-based women's health

We need to revive the rights-based agenda and realign research priorities for women's health, says Priya Shetty.


Biomed Analysis: Tackling drug-resistant malaria

Emerging resistance to artemisinin means efforts to track genetic markers and regulate the drug's use must step …


Biomed Analysis: Why Africa must make its own drugs

There is a pressing need for Africa to bolster its pharmaceuticals industry, and that requires the right policy …


Biomed Analysis: Sustainability goals too light on health

The proposed Sustainable Development Goals need more focus on health to continue the progress achieved with MDGs, …


Biomed Analysis: Learning from India's polio success

India's carefully targeted strategy against polio holds lessons for other countries, and for other diseases, …


Biomed Analysis: Rolling out what works in mobile health

New funding and concrete results are paving the way for scaling up mhealth technologies — but carefully, …


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