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Super 'floodway' mooted for Thai floods

Thai researchers have suggested a series of measures, including a huge expressway for water, to prevent future …


Plant breeders force rethink of Thai seed law

Angry plant breeders have forced the Thai government to reconsider plans to enforce a law to regulate plant …


South-East Asia still pandemic hotspot, says study

Despite efforts to improve surveillance, South-East Asia is ripe for the emergence of new diseases, say scientists.


Nano-treated bednets last five times longer

Using nanotechnology, Thai researchers can lock the insecticide into bednets, so they kill mosquitoes for up to …


Protected areas can cut poverty, study claims

A controlled study has added to the intense debate surrounding the effects of protected areas on the people who …


Farmers blamed in Thai rice pest invasion

Ecologists say Thailand's deadly outbreak of brown planthoppers has been caused by farmers' response to high rice …


Thailand nanotech plan moves ahead

Energy and agriculture are the targets of Thailand's nanotechnology strategy as the country builds capacity in the …


New study confirms growing antimalarial resistance

A study looking at malaria parasites' response to artemisinin-based antimalarial drugs confirms growing resistance …


Indian Ocean tsunami 'was not the first'

The tsunami that hit the Indian Ocean region in 2004 was not the first of its size, indicates research from two …


Remember small-scale farmers, policymakers told

New policies to cut greenhouse gas emissions from the livestock sector should take into account the effects on …


Thai compulsory licence policy 'under threat'

Thai doctors fear the country's compulsory licence policy may be at risk following the recent transfer of a key …


UN trials model bioenergy's effect on food security

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization have begun trials of a bioenergy assessment tool in three developing …


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