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African farmers turn to climate coping strategies

African smallholders are choosing techniques that will help them deal with climate change, according to a survey.


Human activity detrimental to coral reefs, says study

Agriculture, overfishing and urbanisation in the developing world are causing widespread devastation to coral …


Researchers design 'smart' waterpumps for rural Africa

A UK team has developed 'smart' water pumps using mobile phone technology to communicate faults to engineers, to …


Award honours key figure in African science

A new award for outstanding work by African agricultural scientists honours the work of visionary scientist Thomas …


Micronutrient supplementation 'may increase malaria risk'

The WHO recommends supplying iron-deficient children with micronutrients, but a study finds this may increase …


Fertiliser trees prove a hit in southern Africa

Trees that fertilise the surrounding crops have been adopted by 400,000 farmers in southern Africa, boosting yields.


Climate change could spread major coffee pest

Selon certains chercheurs, à mesure que le climat se réchauffe, le scolyte du fruit du …


Kenya fills research gap on emerging diseases

A new laboratory in Kenya could help researchers respond better to emerging infectious disease threats in East …


Worm infection map boosts prospects for other diseases

Mapping the distribution of African eye worm disease may help to eliminate diseases such as river blindness.


'Push–pull' pest control to reach more African farmers

The 'push–pull' system of intercropping to protect crops from insect pests is being promoted to thousands …


Africa lags on epidemic detection

Africa is lagging behind a global improvement in spotting emerging epidemics and warning the public, finds a …


African academics 'slow to use online journals'

Availability of scientific journals in Africa is rising, but academics and students are not keeping up, a report …


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