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Venezuela struggles to halt measles epidemic
Venezuela goes back 20 years in child mortality


Caribbean sardine collapse linked to climate change

Changes in wind patterns and water circulation, caused by climate change, are depleting sardine numbers in the south Caribbean, ...



Boost to Venezuela’s science funding remains under fire

A controversial science reform that gave the Venezuelan government more control over a private sector R&D tax has boosted ...



Chagas may be migrating to urban areas, study warns

The first oral transmission of Chagas disease with urban origins may mean the disease is spreading to Chagas-free areas, ...



Controversy over sacked Venezuelan scientist

A prominent Venezuelan scientist claims his sacking was politically motivated.



Scientists study genetic guards against leishmaniasis

Researchers from Cuba and Venezuela will analyse the genes involved in protecting people from the Leishmania parasite.



Venezuelan R&D investment increases fivefold

A law that requires Venezuelan companies to invest in research has increased national investment to 2.11 per cent of ...



Venezuela’s mandatory ‘science spend’ a success

A Venezuelan law requiring companies to spend a minimum amount of their profits on science and technology has exceeded ...


Marielba Núñez

Marielba Núñez


Journalist specialized in science and health. Graduated in Social Communication at the Universidad Central de Venezuela, with a Master Degree in Science Communication from Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain. She has written for local media such as El Nacional newspaper, based on Caracas, and Scientific American in Spanish. Since 2009 she is a collaborator of SciDev.Net.

Contact Details: [email protected]; @marielbanunez
Location: Caracas (Venezuela).
Languages Spoken: Spanish, English.
Areas of Interests: Health, environment, science policy, migrations.
Local/Demographic Interests: Latin America, South America, the Caribbean.
Topic Interests: In health, she is mainly interested on emerging or re-emerging diseases, especially malaria, dengue, and Chagas Disease. In environment, she has followed recently the case of deforestation in the Venezuelan Amazonia. In the area of science policy and migration, she is interested in topics such as the evolution of investment in science, the participation of women in science and the migration of scientific talent.
Professional Memberships: Venezuelan Circle of Science Journalism.
Job Title: Periodista Independiente