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Science academies in Americas form network

Academies of science in the Americas have joined together to form a network that aims to boost scientific …


Finding open access articles becomes easier

The launch of the second phase of an online directory of open access journals makes it easier to find freely …


Science communicators 'must respect cultural context'

Delegates to an international meeting on science communication have been urged to recognise the value of …


AIDS meeting organisers protest low US participation

Organisers of an international AIDS conference in Bangkok protest a US government decision to limit attendance by …


Open access 'can cut costs by up to 30 per cent'

Shifting publication costs from the readers to the authors of scientific papers can lead to substantial savings, …


Britain's aid policy 'lacks science expertise'

Britain's chief scientific advisor has criticised the government's Department for International Development for …


Contaminated polio vaccine 'not the source of AIDS'

New research may put to rest speculation that HIV crossed into humans as a result of contaminated polio vaccines.


Iron fertilisation 'has small impact on climate change'

A new study suggests that adding iron to oceans increases the uptake of carbon dioxide — but the effect is too …


Greenland's melting ice threatens world's coastlines

Scientists are warning that Greenland's ice sheet could disappear within 1,000 years, raising global sea level by …


Demand for Brazilian beef threatens rainforest

Brazil's growing success as an exporter of beef is responsible for much of the recent increase in the rate of …


US launches grants for developing-world scientists

The US Department of Agriculture has announced a new fellowship programme to support agricultural researchers in …


Global seed treaty gets the go-ahead

The world's first legally binding treaty on biodiversity for food and agriculture will come into force later this …


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