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Paving the way for tech transfer

A new UN body to advise nations on climate tech may break the deadlock in the long-running debate on transferring …


Parasites hint at antimalarial resistance in Africa

Laboratory tests have revealed resistance to artemisinin in malaria parasites from Africa but the effect in the …


Leaf 'stamp' could detect crop diseases

A technique that stamps biosensors directly onto the leaves of plants could be used as an early-warning system for …


Simple interventions could save most premature babies

A global report on deaths among preterm babies says simple techniques could save many lives.


Better understanding of cowpea weevil could improve storage

Storing cowpea in triple plastic bags protects against weevil damage — but researchers say the drier the …


Pigeon pea genome sequence could boost yields

The sequencing of the pigeon pea genome will allow researchers to find higher-yielding varieties of the crop in a …


Environmental impact research urged for fish farming

Global aquaculture must invest in knowledge-sharing if it is to reach its potential as a sustainable food …


Virus gives helping hand to leishmaniasis parasites

The severity of a disfiguring type of leishmaniasis has been linked to a parasite-infecting virus, giving …


New mosquito type could undermine malaria control

A new species of mosquito with different feeding habits has been found in Kenya and could complicate the fight …


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