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Intermittent HIV therapy 'not an option'

A trial to see if intermittent HIV treatment could safely cut costs and side effects was halted last week due to …


Poor nations to get cheaper HIV drugs and tests

Deals to provide HIV drugs and tests to developing countries at a fraction of the usual cost were announced last …


HIV rates fall in parts of Africa and Caribbean

HIV infection rates have fallen for the first time in parts of sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean, says the UN's …


Major database on flu virus genetics runs out of cash

US funding for a major online database of genetic information about flu viruses has run out.


Double benefits for DDT-resistant insects

DDT-resistant fruit flies have advantages over non-resistant ones, even when they are not being exposed to the …


AIDS fight 'needs science to translate into policy'

Scientific research must feed into health policy to curb the HIV/AIDS epidemic, said researchers at a conference …


UN body urges caution over GM trees

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization has called for an international regulatory framework to assess the safety …


Indian fish-farm researcher nets World Food Prize

An Indian scientist has won the 2005 World Food Prize for making fish farming a sustainable contributor to many …


WHO says GM food may benefit health and environment

The WHO says GM food has had no ill effects on human health or the environment, and could potentially enhance both …


HIV epidemic threatens Asia

The latest figures on HIV/AIDS indicate that Asia and Eastern Europe could soon face an epidemic comparable to …


US plans to avert Iraqi brain drain

The US administration is reported to be developing a multi-million dollar programme to prevent a scientific 'brain …


Thailand's HIV vaccine trial ends in failure

The results of a major trial in Thailand show that the AIDSVAX candidate vaccine does not prevent HIV infection or …


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