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Project eyes robust medical technology for poor countries

A Swiss scheme to use technology to reduce poverty in poor countries has a robust and affordable medical scanner …


Idea could lead to cheap solar cells using plant waste

A solar cell based on photosynthesis may enable rural communities to make solar cells using plant waste.


Satellite images could aid long-term disaster recovery

High-resolution satellite images could be used for long-term disaster recovery plans, say researchers.


Flying robots could help in disaster rescue

Flying robots that swarm like insects could soon be used in disaster zones to help coordinate the response of …


Seaweed study boosts prospects for marine biofuels

An improved yeast strain has boosted prospects for the production of biofuel from seaweed, but several technical …


Mexican scientists to test radon earthquake predictors

The inventors of a simple device that detects radon gas in the ground say it could be the first technology to …


Sewage-cleaning device produces electricity, too

Scientists have developed a device that uses nanotechnology and bacteria to clean sewage and generate electricity.


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