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US$425 million to boost Chinese innovation

In a bid to boost innovation in China, one of the country's top foundations has announced millions in funding for …


South gets tech transfer boost for renewable energy

Representatives of 78 governments have pledged to increase developing countries' use of renewable energies through …


Chinese SARS vaccine passes first safety test

A vaccine against the virus that causes SARS has passed the first stage of safety tests in China.


China to make research funding more transparent

The funding of research in China is being opened up for public scrutiny in order to reduce the opportunities for …


Foxes and cats 'can carry SARS virus'

New findings suggest that several different animals — and not just the civet — can carry the virus that causes SARS.


Patent applications boom in China

The Chinese government is planning a new initiative to encourage the wider use of patents to boost technical innovation.


China boosts basic research spending

The Chinese government is to increase its funding of basic research through the National Natural Science …


China invests US$12 million in bird flu research

The Chinese government is to give US$12 million to boost research into the avian flu virus that is infecting …


China to lead search for SARS vaccine

Chinese researchers are planning to start carrying out next month clinical trials of a potential vaccine against …


China launches manned space flight

China has demonstrated its scientific and technical strengths by becoming the third country in the world to send a …


China seeks public input into its science priorities

The Chinese government has launched an Internet-based public consultation on its long-term science and technology …


China gives cash boost to gene-based medicine

China has marked the completed sequencing of the human genome by promising to invest US$72 million in the …


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