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Study assesses use of plants in antimalarial therapies

Extracts from plants are used widely to treat malaria in Benin, and their conservation should be promoted, says a …


National database could raise Benin's science profile

A national database of scientific research is essential to promote Benin's science and foster more independent …


West Africans would pay more for pesticide-free food

Ordinary shoppers in Benin and Ghana say they would pay extra for organically grown, rather than chemically …


Insecticide beats DDT in early trials

An insecticide modified to boost its effectiveness and longevity works better than DDT, say malaria researchers.


Insecticide 'wallpaper' lethal to malaria mosquitoes

Using sheeting impregnated with insecticide may be easier, and less toxic, than wall-spraying.


Tsetse flies lured by lizard scent

Chemicals in lizard and pig odour could be used to create traps for a tsetse fly responsible for sleeping …


Early diagnosis 'essential' in Buruli ulcer treatment

Early diagnosis is required to prevent disability from Buruli ulcer — but new, field-friendly tools are …


West Africans hope to produce iron-tolerant rice

West African researchers are working with farmers to develop rice that will thrive on their iron-rich soils.


Caterpillar behind Liberian crop plague identified

Scientists have identified the caterpillar behind Liberia's crop devastation, and say that getting rid of the pest …


African branch of rice initiative launched

The African component of an initiative aiming to provide small farmers with tailor-made rice varieties has been …


Malaria vaccine enters second stage

A malaria vaccine has been successful in a small clinical trial of adults in Mali, and testing will now be …


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