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FAO calls for better monitoring of water use

Knowledge gaps in how water resources are used must be plugged if farmers are to adapt to climate change, says FAO.


African researchers in line for high-speed network

A long-waited intranet linking Sub-Saharan institutes has received a US$21 million cash injection from the …


Board gathers for final step in quest to be rid of polio

Despite outbreaks in 13 countries this year, a board has been convened to oversee the final stages of elimination.


Global wild seed hunt begins

A global initiative to collect and preserve the diversity of the relatives of wild crops has received its first …


South Africa's HIV research 'on the rise'

South Africa publishes six times as many papers on HIV/AIDS research as expected for its size, a study has found.


Long-awaited microbicide gel faces funding shortfall

Scientists who developed tenofovir, the vaginal gel that could transform AIDS protection for women, are struggling …


Southern Africa failing to innovate, says study

A review of southern Africa's scientific output finds the region contributes less than one per cent of the world's …


Promising microbicide 'a step forward' for HIV research

An effective vaginal gel could be the answer for women seeking to reduce HIV transmission during sex without …


Canada launches 'unique' Grand Challenges fund

The Grand Challenges Canada (Grands Défis Canada) fund claims its approach will redefine its country's role …


African monsoon research to shift focus

A plan for the next decade's research on the African monsoon aims to address climate change and the needs of local …


UN launches biotech network for developing countries

An international network will provide expertise, and help countries collaborate, on their use of biological …


Poor missing out on moringa seeds' water-purifying powers

The seeds from an indigenous tree can help purify water — but more knowledge dissemination is needed, say …


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