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New CGIAR head explains his vision for the future

Frank Rijsberman speaks to Busani Bafana about his plans for the CGIAR Consortium and the importance of …


CGIAR consortium chief pledges to 'cement' reforms

The new CEO of the CGIAR Consortium of Agricultural Research Centres has prioritised action on the organisation's …


Q&A: Denis Kyetere on innovative technologies for Africa's farmers

Denis Kyetere, executive director of the African Agricultural Technology Foundation, outlines his vision for the …


Climate change killing trees across the Sahel, says study

Rising temperatures and less rainfall are causing the deaths of swathes of trees across the Sahel region in …


Tool helps farmers anticipate their future climate

Farmers facing climate change will see how those in other parts of the world already survive under the same …


Bamboo use 'could help stop Africa's deforestation'

China and African countries are collaborating on technology transfer to use bamboo charcoal instead of forest …


University of Zimbabwe set to build links to industry

A new business unit at the university aims to foster an entrepreneurial environment and help researchers …


Sharing agricultural knowledge in Africa 'vital for food security'

A four-year plan has been launched at a forum of agricultural advisory groups to boost the use of research findings.


Scientists claim GM cowpea could generate US$1 billion

Scientists have engineered a pest-resistant version of the cowpea, an ancient crop being rediscovered by small …


New maize could prepare farmers for climate change

Maize productivity could soar with new drought-tolerant maize varieties as adverse climatic changes loom.


Biofuels could increase food production, says report

A report that concludes that biofuel and food crops need not conflict in Africa has sparked a polarised debate …


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