Partnerships key to protecting environment

Drought in southern Africa Copyright: F. Sands, USAid

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While Africa struggles against the effects of climate change — a problem for which it is largely not responsible — it must also face its own environmental policy and practice failings, argues Rwandan president Paul Kagame in this Business Daily Africa article.

Africa, he says, should confront environmental challenges locally and continentally.

Regional bodies like the African Union, together with national governments must provide leadership in building environmental infrastructure such as weather statistics — an area in which the continent’s record is poor, says Kagame.

At the same time, the African business community should be seeking investment for new, sustainable technologies such as alternative power sources.

The media too, Kagame asserts, plays a fundamental role in informing and educating the public on environmental issues.

By forging meaningful partnerships with continental, national and regional stakeholders, says Kagame, Africa can make real progress towards protecting its environment.

Link to full article in Business Daily Africa