‘Information gap’ on climate change in Africa

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‘Ordinary people’ in Africa need more information on climate change to strengthen stakeholder participation in the issues, say contributors to a set of essays compiled by the sustainable development network Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD). Climate Change: African Points of View draws together the views of 14 African climate change experts.

Grace Akumu, Executive Secretary of Climate Network Africa, says that “the African population has been left ignorant about the [Climate Change] Convention despite the fact that the African continent will suffer the most from the impacts of climate change”. She calls for increased resources to ensure that the public is made aware of these issues.

As well as highlighting Africa’s vulnerability to climatic shifts, a number of articles also discuss the potential for and implications of the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism, under which industrialised countries fund the use of efficient energy technologies in developing countries in return for credits against their carbon dioxide emissions.