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Antibiotic resistance: Frequently asked questions

Priya Shetty answers some common questions surrounding antibiotic resistance, and the dangers for the developing …


Treating parasitic worm helps patients fight HIV

Researchers have found that treating a parasitic worm infection can boost the immune systems of HIV-infected people.


Promising malaria vaccine mimics natural immunity

A potential malaria vaccine that has shown promising results in its first trials in humans, mimics the natural …


Malaria research 'needs ten times more funding'

Research into malaria gets just one-tenth of the funding it needs, says an international alliance of organisations …


Traditional medicines could help African environment

Degraded African drylands could be restored by farmers tapping into the lucrative global market for traditional …


Gene catalogue 'could guide tailored healthcare'

Geneticists have published a catalogue of variations between human genes, that has been called an "unprecedented …


Global intellectual property body looks South

The World Intellectual Property Organisation has set up a committee to discuss how to incorporate development into …


Developing nations 'must fight chronic diseases'

Governments in developing countries could save millions of lives each year by paying more attention to chronic …


Prize for defenders of scientists' human rights

Two scientists have been awarded a prize for defending the human rights of students and scientists imprisoned for …


Progress on UN development goals 'can't be measured'

International goals to tackle hunger, poverty and disease are virtually ineffective because they cannot be …


Health experts call for global animal surveillance

Health experts have called for a global early warning system to guard against infectious diseases that could …


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