Paul Adepoju


Paul Adepoju who is one of SciDev.Net correspondents is an academician, journalist, author, geneticist, local content creator and media entrepreneur. He teaches genetics and histopathology at Nigeria's Babcock University and he covers health and tech in Africa for CNN, Quartz and several other media outlets.

He's also the founder of and is currently completing a doctorate degree in cell biology and genetics at Nigeria's premier university, the University of Ibadan.
Contact information: [email protected]

Social media accounts: facebook:

Location: Ibadan, Nigeria
Languages spoken: English, Yoruba, Pidgin
Areas of Interest: Science and development
Topic Interests: Healthcare, diseases, researches, agriculture, genetics, public health, policies
Local/Demographic Interests: Nigeria and the rest of Africa
Job title with organisation: Freelance Journalist
Professional Memberships: Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria, Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria