Energising Africa: crude oil vs climate

Copyright: Image by awsloley from Pixabay

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Episode 41

 This week, we continue with the second episode in our mini-series ‘Energising Africa’, where we investigate progress towards electricity, infrastructure and network access on the continent.

Our reporter Halima Athumani has been mining for information about the East African Crude Oil Pipeline. What environmental, social and economic impacts could the world’s longest heated crude oil pipeline have in Uganda and Tanzania? And with less than half of the countries’ populations connected to a power grid, where will the energy to heat the 1,500 kilometre pipeline come from?

In this week’s Q&A segment, Watipetsa Khawathali from Henry Henderson Institute in Malawi has a question about the future. Send us your questions from anywhere in the world — text or voice message via WhatsApp to +254799042513.

Episode 1 – Energising Africa: energy poverty rising

Africa Science Focus, with Selly Amutabi.

This programme was funded by the European Journalism Centre, through the European Development Journalism Grants programme, with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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