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Food supplement slashes anaemia rates in children

A nutritional supplement, 'Sprinkles', can cut iron deficiency rates in children in developing countries, …


Mapping can save forests, say African scientists

Geospatial technology is helping scientists and communities to map forest loss and biodiversity, according to …


GM maize gives virus nowhere to hide

Researchers have developed a virus-resistant GM maize that could enhance food security and promote GM crops in Africa.


Kenya signs deal to exploit microbial goldmine

Kenya has formed a partnership with a biotechnology company to find and develop microbial enzymes with industrial …


Pregnant HIV patients need extra antimalarials

Pregnant women in Africa can still be treated with a single antimalarial drug during pregnancy, but those with HIV …


New vaccine to stall African meningitis epidemics

A new vaccine promises better and longer lasting protection against meningitis, and at low cost, say researchers.


Frontrunner emerges in East African malaria therapy

A study comparing antimalarial combination therapies in East Africa has identified the most effective one.


Kenya creates 'poverty map'

A new Kenyan atlas provides insight into the links between poverty and environmental factors.


Cerebral malaria gets toxic treatment

A study in mice has shown that inhaling carbon monoxide gas could prevent the development of cerebral malaria.


Regional cooperation 'key to development'

Neighbouring countries must work together effectively to get development rolling, according to an independent …


Key protein in immune response to disease found

A protein called Mal modifies the way the immune system responds to infection, suggesting new therapies to tackle …


Simple eye test can diagnose severe malaria

Researchers have shown how a simple eye test, a method that is both quick and cheap, can diagnose cerebral malaria …


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