Nelson Mandela Ogema

Nelson Mandela Ogema


Nelson Mandela Ogema is one of SciDev.Net’s Sub-Saharan Africa English Edition correspondents with keen interest on science and technology issues. He is passionate about Science journalism.
He has published with reputable international media outlets such as The Wire and iAfrica. Ogema has been in journalism for more than a year, especially writing for SciDev.Net as a freelancer journalist.
He is a Language graduate from Kenya’s Egerton University and has taught in many schools -both private and public – in Kenya focusing on Linguistics, Literature and English language.
Contact details:   [email protected]

Mobile phone: 0728217956
Languages spoken: English, Kiswahili and Luo
Location: Kisumu, Kenya
Areas of Interests: Agriculture, Environment, Health, Governance, Enterprise and Sustainable Development.

Topic Interests:  Disease prevention and treatment

Local/Demographic Interests: Kenya and Sub-Saharan Africa