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US$13 million grant boosts women in agriculture

The Gates Foundation has given US$13 million to a scheme aiming to increase the number of African women in …


Biofuel: Africa's new oil?

Biofuel holds promise for Africa but research is not yet in place to fully reap the rewards, or analyse the …


Ownership squabbles 'hindering' conservation

Arguments over ownership of animal genetic resources are delaying vital conservation efforts, say experts.


'Hardy' livestock on the decline in developing world

Hardy livestock breeds in developing countries are under threat of extinction as higher-yielding animals are used …


Heavy rainfall tied to sunspot cycles in East Africa

Scientists have found a link between heavy rainfall and sunspot cycles in East Africa which they say could help …


Farmers and researchers: Annan urges stronger links

Kofi Annan, chairman of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, has urged scientists and farmers to unite …


Kenya kick starts innovation fund

Kenya has committed US$2.9 million to kick start a new public-private fund for science, technology and innovation …


AU: African ICT policies must match regional needs

Information and communication policies must match regional needs if inter-country projects are to succeed, says …


Science publisher extends journalists' access

Science publisher Elsevier is to provide journalists from developing countries with free access to research from …


Government interference 'impeding science reporting'

Governments in the developing world are policing science reportage of large public-funded projects, say journalists.


East African universities to gain from web tools deal

A software deal signed by universities in Kenya and Rwanda will improve access to web-based communications for …


Scientists identify a chink in HIV's armour

Researchers have discovered a fatal weakness in HIV that could help develop an effective vaccine.


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